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FSC Edge is a leading innovator in data processing technologies and serves government agencies and patent offices worldwide. 

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What We Do

Handling complex patent cases with ease is what we do. Our augmented operators use advanced case management tools, including AI technologies, to reliably process more than 400,000 cases each year. Plus, our platform captures and can review over 1,000 documents per patent to guarantee each is complete and coherent for government and corporate clients alike.

What Sets Us Apart

FSC Edge has offered revolutionary data processing services at exceptionally low costs for more than 20 years. Our clients expect and receive highly accurate results under strict processing and publishing deadlines, and our capture and conversion services deliver results with unmatched efficiency.

Who We Serve

Alongside our partners at the Luminess Group and Six Red Marbles, FSC Edge provides services to worldwide patent offices and national and international government agencies. We are the only group of companies providing these specific services to all three national patent offices in the U.S., Germany, and Europe.

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Are you skilled in online data capture services? Want to revolutionize government data management? Join our growing team of data conversion experts today.


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